Why is My Linksys Router Blinking? Fix it with these 9 steps

Linksys is a well-known brand that produces superior quality routers known as Linksys router. It connects with your ISP through a cable & then transmits the bandwidth back & forth to your computer & other devices. The router has several lights that indicate individual massage.

For different reasons, the lights of your router may blink & if you don’t know why they are blinking. Then you must be looking for an answer why is my Linksys router blinking? Don’t worry about that anymore just read the complete article & you’ll have your answer. 

What are the lights on the Linksys router?

Every model of Linksys router is designed with several LEDs/lights that deliver individual messages to its user. Such as a Linksys router has a light for power, internet, wifi network, ethernet cable, USB port, etc.


When a device is connected via that port the light turns on, when they blink, it means the connected device is using the internet from the router through this port. If the power light is blinking it means there is a problem with the firmware. 

Why is my Linksys router blinking?

There is a different situation when the light of your Linksys router will blink. The light of your router will blink when your router device is not wirelessly connected. At the time of data transmission, the light will blink. Each and every light of your Linksys router carries an individual massage.

If the orange light/ power light of your router blink then it means there is some malfunctioning on the device firmware. If the ethernet lights are blinking it means the cable of the ethernet is successfully detected. 

Now if you don’t know the facts behind why they are blinking, you might be looking for an answer that why is my Linksys router blinking? Well, pay your full attention to this section to get an answer.  

There are a number of LEDs on your router that indicate several statuses of internet connection in the middle of your router and other devices. Now here in this section, I’m going to explain why and they blink. 


When the power light is solid & stable that indicates that the router is powered on. This light will blink when it goes to the self-diagnostic mode. If the power light is continuously blinking it means the firmware gets corrupted. 


If the internet led is solid, it means the router is successfully connected to the internet. If there is any configuration issue the internet light will become solid. If there is any hardware issue with your router the amber led will start blinking.

2.4 GHz

When one or more users are connected to the 2.4 GHz network the light of the router will turn solid. if they are blinking then it means your router is sending & receiving data over this network.


When one or more users connected to the 5GHz network the light will turn into solid. If the light blink then it means users are receiving and sending data over this network.


The light of eSTA will usually turn off until there is no eSTA or USB device connected. If the light turns into solid means a device connected to an ESTA port. 


The light usually remains to turn off until any USB device is connected to the port or an Esta device connected to the port instead of USB. If the light is blinking that indicates the connected device with this port is working.

USB 2(Primary)

Until any USB-3.0 is connected to this port the light will remain off. when the LED turns into a solid indication that a USB 3.0 is connected to the device. If the light is blinking that means the connected devices on this port are working.

Ethernet 1(4 primaries)

When the light turns into solid means there is a device connected with your router through this port. If the light is blinking that means the device is currently working and using the network.

Ethernet 1(4 secondaries)

When the light is off it indicates that the router is successfully connected and transmitting data 10/100 Mbps. when this port light turns into solid indicates the device connected with this port using 1000 Mbps.

How do I fix the blinking light on my router?

Your Linksys router light may blink for a different reason, one of the main reasons behind blinking light is hardware problems or connection issues. Read the below section to get a solution if you are facing a blinking problem. 

If all lights are blinking except power & wifi light

  • When all lights of your router are blinking except power & wifi light, there might be a power connection problem, change the power connection of your router to another electrical-outlet to confirm that the problems are from here or not.
  • If the light continuously blinks and doesn’t stop then you should change the complete power cord & use an original power cord. 
  • Now if the problem is from the outsource, the light will stop blinking when you do so.

Power-light blinking

If somehow your Linksys router is corrupted you might face the power light blinking problem. You can fix the problem through power cycling.

  • For power cycling your Linksys router, you need to unplug the power cord from the outlet and then remove the cable from the router.
  • Now you have to remove all the connection cable gradually from the router & replug them to solve this issue. 
  • Connect the router power cord after 30 seconds & turn on your router. 

Final thought

As a new router user or if you don’t know the reason why your router light is blinking then it is quite natural that you will look for an answer to why is my Linksys router blinking? Well! If you read this complete article then you know what are the facts that work behind your router light blinking. 

Generally, the router light blinks when router ports are connected with a device and they are transmitting information using the router internet, and in some cases when any technical error occurs the specific light of your router starts blinking. 

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