What Router Do I Need & How to Choose a Router in 2021?

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Whether you’re at home or office, a router is an essential thing that you will need to maintain communication with your friends, family, colleagues, & others. A router connects your device to the internet & allows you to transmit data.

Now, if you want to purchase a router for the first time, then there is a common question that will come first to your mind: what router do I need? Well, to get this answer, go through this article.

Why Is A Router Needed?

You can’t use the internet connection directly on your device that your internet service provider gives you. To use the internet connection on your device, you will need a router to communicate between your internet and device.


The name of the router implies itself; it routes the traffic between the internet and your device. So when it is about to use an internet connection on your device, a router is necessary. 

What Router Do I Need?

Choosing the right router you need depends on how much you know about a router and what types of requirements you have to fulfill with your router. Things that you should consider before determining what router do I need are given below.

Look for Multicore processor & minimum ram should 128 Mb

The performance of a router depends on the hardware of a router. More specifically, the processor and ram is the first thing that you should consider. You may be streaming videos, downloading files, playing online games, and any other activities using the network of your router. 

To complete these tasks, you will transfer a lot of traffic through your router. For this, you will need a powerful processor & ram. So whenever you are going to purchase a router for yourself, know the processor of your router, either single-core, dual-core, or quad-core, and the frequency of its operation. You should not choose a router that has less than 128 MB ram. 

Dual-band or more

Single-band router becomes too old & nobody uses it nowadays. So whenever you choose a router for yourself, make sure that your route is at least dual-band. The more band routers you will have, the more power router your router can deliver. 

Single-band router provides a single frequency; dual-band router provides double frequency, a tri-band router will provide triple frequency. The more frequency a router can deliver, the more smoothly you can use an internet connection. 

Channel & channel width

There is a limited channel you can enjoy with each of the bands. Most of the router has the ability to pick them automatically, but the problem is sometimes there remain some better channels with less interface. 

A 2.4 GHz router has 11 channels.  For smooth internet connectivity with your router, you have to choose a router to provide you with a non-overlapping channel. 

USB Port

You should not pick a router that doesn’t come with a USB port. Because nowadays, most of our networking devices come with a USB cable, so if you pick a router that doesn’t have a USB option, then you can’t use your device with your router.

So whenever you are buying a router, make sure that it has at least one USB port. A good quality router comes with a bundle with a USB port. The ideal choice would be picking a router that has USB 3. 

Firewall, VPN, Antivirus

Most of the latest router comes with the latest technology that offers a user many features such as VPN router for home, antivirus, firewall, and a lot more advanced features to protect your connectivity safely and securely.

When your router comes with this builtin feature, hackers, snoopers, or any third party can’t enter your networking system. These features are now also available in the weak-hardware router that can’t deliver you the exact service. So keep this thing on your head while choosing your router. 

How To Choose A Router?

If you are confused and looking for a suggestion to choose a router for yourself, then you are in the perfect place. Before choosing a router for yourself, you should know the answer to what router do I need? Read the below section to know the things that you should follow.

  • Make sure the router you’re going to purchase is more than Ac1200. The reason is very simple: the router below this standard can’t provide you with a smooth internet connection. 
  • Never choose a router that is below 802.11ac. When you choose the 802.11 ac router, you can enjoy up to 1300 Mbps speed.
  • Make sure the router that you have chosen has good hardware and ram. Do not choose a router that has a ram below 128 Mbps. 
  • Choose a router that has USB 3 facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing a router, there are a lot of questions that arise in your mind. In this section, I have included some questions and answers that people frequently asked about a router. 

Do I Need A Router For WIFI?

Yes, you will need a router for wifi connection. Because without a router a wifi route can’t communicate with other networks.

Can A Router Increase Internet Speed?

Generally, a router can’t accelerate the speed of your internet connection, it is your internet service provider who can speed up your internet connection. 

Can A Router Work Without A Modem?

Yes, you can use a router without a modem. But until you connect your router with a modem you can’t enjoy the internet connection. Things that you can do is to share files from one computer to another computer, play videos from your mobile to your smart television.  

Final Thought

If you never use a router before then, it is quite predictable that you’ll look for an answer to what router do I need? 

To help you with that, I have explained briefly above in this article what router do you need & why. If you read the whole article, you know what type of router will help you with your work.

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