Types Of Router – 5 An Expert Explains

The core function of a router is to transfer data packets between networks. It connects different computers with the network to send data packets. A router needs at least two network connections to perform the action. These networks can be between two LANs or a LAN and with a WAN.

There are different types of routers available out there in the market including wired, wireless, edge, core and virtual routers. Selecting the perfect and fastest route, a router can direct the data packets rapidly.

types of router

What Does A Router Do?

Routers are very simple in operation. Yes, it is a small device which you have place between your computer and the modem to transfer data packets. Taking the information from the modem and transferring these data to your computer is a router’s core purpose.

Other than that a router can send or transfer data packets receiving from several networks and then direct to different computers that are connected to each other by the router. To make it simpler, at home, you can use different computers or mobile devices from different rooms but connecting with just one router.

Types Of Router

As I have mentioned earlier that there are several different types of routers available out there in the online and offline market. As they are different, their operation and utilization should also be different. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase any of them.

Considering your requirements, you have to come up to purchase a router that will fulfill all your requirements including to run your computers both laptops and desktops and your mobile devices at home or office.

Wireless Routers

Connecting internet using wireless signals is the core concept of wireless routers. You can find them mostly in the offices as well as houses. These routers are capable of creating wireless signals so that you can cover the area that come into its range.

  • Simply you can use laptops, desktops and mobile devices using the wireless routers.
  • The internet providers can connect your wireless routers within their connection range.
  • By turning on your laptop’s and mobile phone’s WiFi connection, you can connect to the wireless router using the password and ID.

Wired Routers

The main difference between a wireless and wired router is their kind of connection. Wired routers as the name suggests need wire to connect the routers to your laptops and desktop computers.

  • An Ethernet cable is needed to connected your laptops and computers in the case of wired router connections.
  • It requires a separate connection to connect with the WiFi access point.
  • Unlike a wireless router, you cannot connect your mobile devices without the help of VIOP (voice over IP technology).

Edge Router

Connecting to the core routers, an edge router needs to seat at the edge of a network to access the internet to your laptops and mobile phones. You have the options to use wireless or wired connection by distributing internet data packets within one or more network connections.

  • You need to connect it to the core router, therefore, you can get high-speed internet experience.
  • Wireless and wired connection are available for this edge routers.
  • You can utilize the data packets for both your laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

Core Routers

As the name suggests, it can operate the internet backbone or core. Ensuring the highest speed, it can connect several telecommunication interfaces. All the platforms connected with core routers can forward fastest IP packets.

  • Core routers can support the protocol which has been used in the core.
  • It has the ability to distribute data packets within each connected networks.
  • But it is unable to distribute data packets between these connected networks.

Virtual Routers

Any computer sharing network has the default virtual router function. The function of the virtual routers is as the virtual router redundancy protocol which remains active if the primary or main router that supplies data packets between networks fails or disabled.

  • To share a virtual IP address, it needs several networks. A master group handles each IP data packets.
  • At the time of failing to forward data packets, other router receives the position.
  • Virtual routers enable you to get steady and reliable connection between your network hosts. So, it is capable of lowering the data load.

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How To Choose A Router? 

You need a router but don’t know how to choose one that will fulfill your requirements, right? Well. There are several different things you have to consider before buying a router that actually help you to browse internet on your laptops and mobile devices.

Multi-core processor and RAM

Your routers should have multi-core processor inside, therefore, they will provide you with the best internet browsing experience. The more powerful the processor and RAM of your router will be, the better video streaming, file downloads, data backups.

Consider Dual-band

With the advancement of the technology-based world, single-band is now a past history in the era of routers. Dual-bands are now available out there in the market to give you the most convenient routers. It can send wireless signals on two frequencies to provide you the best internet browsing experience.

Real-life speed

Some routers have the specification on their box that they are robust in the section of routers speed. But actually after installing the device, you may not get enough speed that should have got. In this case, you have to consider the real-life speed of the routers.

Smartphone app

Smartphone app will allow you to use the internet connection effortlessly from the routers to your mobile devices. All you need to do is just download the app related to the router you have bought and connect with the internet to browse.

USB Port

At least one USB port, especially USB 3.0 is preferable to have in your router. Sometimes you may require to connect your external hard disks, printers, USB modem and so forth with the router. Therefore, a USB port will assist you to do that for using these devices as well.

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Frequently Asked Question

Here are some most frequently asked queries so that you can understand better about the topic.

How many years does a router last?

Everything under the sun have their wear and tear. Therefore, it depends on your maintenance and take-care. However, your routers may continue their operation for three to four years.

Does having 2 routers increase Internet speed?

If your Wi-Fi is slow in connection, then you can get advantage of connecting a router to the network to get better speed.

What is better AC or N routers?

Depending on your requirements, you have to consider one from AC or N routers. Both are ideal for internet networking.

Final Thought

From the several different routers out there in the market, you have to choose yours depending on your requirements. You have to consider first where you are going to connect a router to the network for using internet. For your home and office, you can use wireless routers because you don’t have the issues with the gambled wires here and there.

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