How To Connect To D Link Router 2021?

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In this current era, you can’t think about a single day without an internet connection. For a speedy internet connection, people tend to use high configured routers for their wifi connection, and D-Link is the first choice for most of them. You might be one of them & now looking for an answer, how to connect to d link router?

Well! You already make one of the best decisions for router purchase. Because D-link is the most convenient & simplest router that accomplishes a huge variety of wireless internet connection options. Now here in this article, we are going to show you a step by step process to connect your D-Link router.

Are D Link Routers Any Good?

D-link is one of the best routers within your budget that can fulfill your everyday internet needs for your home and office. Just connect your D-link router with an internet cable and DSL or NBL modem to enjoy a secure wireless network and share your internet with everyone.

How To Connect To D Link Router

For your convenience D-Link also provides a very user-friendly app that helps you to complete the basic task. Such as password changing options, allow you to activate guest & smart connect by using the app. You can also accomplish some parental controls.

In simple words, a D-link router is a kind of router that will provide you consistent speed, the manufacturer of the D-Link router always includes the latest features and technology for its user. You can operate any D-link router with an app.

What does a Dlink router do?

Generally, there are many devices and gadgets in your home that require an internet connection, such as smartphones, personal computers, printers, tablets, smart television, etc. A D-Link router will distribute the internet among these devices and gadgets. It directs all the internet traffic, incoming and outgoing, and receives and transmits them on the network in the most efficient and fastest way.

, your D-Link router helps you to execute all the tasks that will require an internet connection. For example, to receive an email on your smartphone, send a movie from your computer, monitor your CCTV camera’s live video footage, etc. To complete each of these tasks, you will need an internet connection & D-link router to perfectly distribute the internet on these devices to complete these tasks and activities efficiently.

How To Connect To D Link Router?

D-link router is not popular just for its speedy internet connection; it is also popular for its quick and easy configuration system. By spending a couple of minutes, you can easily configure the router & set it up and enjoy a superfast internet connection.

Connect the router with an active internet cable or modem that you receive from your internet service provider and follow the below steps carefully if you don’t know how to connect to d link router? Here in this below section, you will get a step-by-step guideline to connect your router.

Step 1 – First, switch on the power button of your d-link router.

Step 2 – Now, make a connection between your PC and router by using a wifi connection or an ethernet cable.

Step 3 – Once the computer gets connected with the router, open your regular internet browser and visit ( or

Step 4 – Now, a page appears on your computer screen where it will ask you to put login information. The default username for the D-link router is admin and leaves the password row blank. Press the login button.

Step 5 – Use the network connection setup wizard to configure the router.

Step 6- For wireless setup, you need to enter the (wifi name) SSID  &(password).

Step 7 – Choose the connection type (PPPoE/DHCP/Static) for the WAN setup. If you face any problem, contact your internet service provider and ask for the information you need.

Step 8 – Once you complete all these tasks the way we explain, you can successfully configure the internet connection. Now click on the save and connect button & your router will be connected to the internet.

Step 9 – Now, you can set up your wifi network such as SSID & password from the wifi settings option.

Things You Should Remember

Before connecting your D-link router, there are some things that you should know. Because at different times, you will face different situations. If you read the below section carefully, then you can handle those potential situations effectively.

Users of DSL providers

If your connection is PPPoE, then you will need the username and password of your PPPoE connection while connected to your D-Link router. If in case, you do not have this information, then contact your internet service provider and collect all the necessary information. You should not move further until you have all this information on your hand.

Users of cable providers

If you are using a cable internet connection, then the first thing you have to do is unplug the modem. Even sometimes, you need to keep the modem shut down for at least five minutes.

Modem/Router combo user

If your internet service provider gives you a modem and router combo, then you have to activate the bridge mode so that your D-link router can work efficiently. It is better to contact your internet service provider for the user manual.

Final Thought

For people who need a fast and stable internet connection for completing their daily activities, a D-Link router is one of the best choices for them. But the problem arises after the purchase; some of us don’t know how to connect to d link router?

If you read the complete article, then we believe that you have an answer to this question. Up in the above section, we have explained the step by step process that will help you connect your D-Link router properly.

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