How To Secure Linksys Router In 2021?

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A router allows you to share your internet with multiple devices with or without wire, controlling your network connection, and tons of other facilities. With a router, you can have your parental control over your kids, block certain websites or applications, and do way more. Linksys manufactures some of the most reliable routers that you can use for a robust, high-speed internet zone anywhere.

However, just like any other router, its security is in your hand; you have to keep it secure so that nobody can sneak up on you. If you’ve suffered an attack or an unauthorized login to your Linksys router lately, it can be bothersome and a big privacy concern. Stick to the article to know how to secure Linksys routers and ensure the network in your home is safe and secure.

What Does A Linksys Router Do?

A router can be referred to as the most important device in your home, especially when it comes to network devices. Perhaps, there is not a single internet user who doesn’t need wireless connectivity these days. Linksys makes some of the most advanced and robust wireless routers in the market to get you a full-house wireless internet zone.


The Linksys router will connect to your modem via an ethernet cable to the WAN port draw the internet access from your ISP. Once you have your router connected to the internet, you can now connect your PC and other devices that need wired internet to the router. On top of that, you can connect your smartphones and other multiple wireless devices to the router to access the internet.

How To Secure Linksys Routers?

Using your router for splitting the internet connection from your main modem can be super easy. However, as you’re going wireless, it becomes prone to hackers and the sniffing tools that can brach your internet. Here is how to secure Linksys router and the steps to take for ensuring the maximum security of your online presence:

Change the password with a strong one

When you get your router for the first time, it will come with a default login user ID and Password. The universal login credentials enable hackers and people with bad intentions to get into your router and access the network. As the first security measures, you must change that password with a new and stronger one. Visit from your browser, but “admin” as both the user name and password, and navigate to the Wireless tab. Click on the wireless security option where you can find the options for changing the security password.

How to make a password more secure

While in the security option, select the dropdown menu, choose the WPA 2 personal option, and get a field for putting the password in. Here, create a password consisting of 8 or more characters, including numbers, symbols, letters in both upper and lower cases; for example, “E%*47)#2@sL” could be a good password. Change your password every few months or weeks, and never use plain text, especially not a name or number.

Enable the MAC filter

Login to the router app using from your browser, go to the Wireless tab, and Mac filtering option. You will see all the connected devices on the list, which you can crossmatch with devices if they are legit. Enable the filter option, and select the “Permit PCs” to begin the permit process. Now, select those you recognize as trusted and block the others you don’t want to use your network.

Change the default SSID name

The SSID is the name that you recognized your router with when you search for the wifi network in the coverage area. If the SSID of your router stays open, the hackers may find a way into your security system and crack it down. Change the SSID from the wireless security settings to avoid such problems.

Disable remote administrator

The remote administration system is a great feature if you have to control your router from far away. However, if you want to secure the router with maximum precautions and don’t need remote administration, disable it. If you keep it enabled, the hackers can get a better way to penetrate your network security and hack you.

Use a router firewall and security features

Linksys routers come with some impressive security features that you can use to increase your network’s security measures. The first thing to consider is the router firewall for suspicious links and malicious apps. It will recognize when you click on some spam links or dangerous apps and block it to keep you safe from attacks. If you have kids in the house, you can set up parental control to let your kids use only the links they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Linksys routers that you may are interested in:

Is Linksys Router Good?

Linksys makes some of the most impressive routers that can give you blazing fast speed and reliability. With their dual-band with 5 GHz speed, you can get one for gaming or normal use. 

How Long Does Linksys Router Last?

Linksys routers come with the robust build quality and high-tech specifications. If you take good care of your Linksys router, it can last you 3 to 4 years or more without any problem.

Is Linksys Or Netgear Better? 

Linksys is one of the most reliable router brands; the gamers and enthusiasts around the world choose it for their daily drivers. It’s quite surprising that professionals often choose Linksys over Netgear.

Final Thought

Using a router can help you get you a smoother online presence and give you flexibility. You can split a single network and distribute it to different internet users in the family. Moving around the house or office and getting your jobs done can be a piece of cake using a router.

The Linksys routers are the best option for those who need top-notch security and better control over the network. Knowing how to secure Linksys router will help you get your security measures to a whole new level. However, don’t forget to use parental control and monitor the network for an extra layer of safe usage.

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