5 Best Router For Home Automation Reviews 2021 (Good For Home Use)

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The best router for home automation is a great technology that works to connect all your devices, enabling you to surf the internet without buffering. Remember that a home network incorporates all the various devices available in your home. For them to work efficiently, they have to join the network.

With the right router for home automation, you end up boosting the performance of your entire network. That way, all your devices communicate with each other thanks to the fast connection to the Web. Without the right router, you cannot have a functional modern smart home. Get fascinated with a technology that automatically switches on the TV while adjusting the lights as you sit comfortably.

What Is A Smart Router?

It is a technological device that provides internet coverage to your home devices. A smart router ensures better network coverage as you will note that every gadget in your home requires a stable internet connection. With this router, you will be able to prevent access to specified websites, stream live, monitor network devices, and view network cameras and live.

Best Routers for Home Automation

Most people don’t have the information; each router works on its own because two smart routers don’t work similarly. Nevertheless, all smart routers are designed to improve security and allow for seamless integration. You can manage users easily with a smart router helping you monitor any intruders into your network.

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5 Best Router For Home Automation Reviews 2021 (Good For Home Use) 1

Samsung ET-WV525KWEGUS Mesh Router

5 Best Router For Home Automation Reviews 2021 (Good For Home Use) 2

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router (2nd Generation)

5 Best Router For Home Automation Reviews 2021 (Good For Home Use) 3

Meshforce M1 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

5 Best Router For Home Automation Reviews 2021 (Good For Home Use) 4

Securifi Almond 2015 – (3 Minute Setup)

5 Best Router For Home Automation Reviews 2021 (Good For Home Use) 5

Linksys Velop Mesh Router

5 Best Routers for Home Automation Review 2021

You may want to invest in a home router, but you have no clue on the best router for home automation that will enable you to have better coverage. That is why this review has been compiled to allow you to understand the top five routers so that you can choose one that suits your needs.  

1. Samsung ET-WV525KWEGUS Mesh Router, White, 3 Count

Samsung ET-WV525KWEGUS Mesh Router, White,

The Samsung Mesh Router is a powerful device that offers expendable coverage covering a range of 4,500 sq. ft for a three-pack. This wifi for spectrum offers you stable internet for a large home with multiple access points. This is a two-in-one home solution that works as a router and a SmartThings Hub delivering excellent connection. It also goes for a convenient clear path that will not cause buffering rather offers steady speed and signal. 

A Mesh Router uses One App control that helps you verify connected devices choose devices, set up parental controls, and create network access for guests. It is the best router for smart home that uses SmartThings Wi-Fi, which comes with Plume technology to improve Wi-Fi network performance. The content filtering feature works to offer protection by adding security to check the content that kids and teenagers can access.

This Samsung router is relatively easy to set up because all you need to do is download the SmartThings app, and you are good to go. You will love this router’s compatibility that makes it possible to connect with previous SmartThings Sensors and Outlets versions. It is also designed with a Whole Home Control feature that allows you to alert anytime unusual activities to occur. For top-notch and reliable Wi-Fi internet connection, make use of this router that will guarantee the best home Wi-Fi experience. 

Samsung ET-WV525KWEGUS Features:

  • The Samsung router features a single pack of three mesh routers that offer reliable network coverage for up to 4,500 square feet.
  • This technological device is powered by Plume that uses SmartThings Wi-Fi to improve performance delivering a remarkable Wi-Fi experience.
  • It is a two-in-one home solution smart device that works as a SmartThings Hub and mesh router for connection to over 100 compatible devices.
  • The One App control enables you to set schedules, see who is connected to your network, set up parental controls, and create network access for guests.
  • Make use of the content filtering featured offered by this device to restrict what kids and teenagers can gain access to.

2. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router (2nd Generation) – 4×4 AC2200 Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router (2nd Generation)

This Google Nest Wi-Fi router is designed to cover a speed of 4400 square feet meant to do away with frequent buffering. You can manage your network quickly with this device that allows you to check Wi-Fi speeds and anyone intruding into your network. 

If you are an online fanatic, make use of this Nest Wi-Fi router that allows you to stream a 4k video without any disruption.

The best mesh Wi-Fi router ensures security thanks to its advanced security chip, which delivers automatic security updates. That way, your network is kept safe from malicious attacks. Use the parental controls to choose what the kids will watch, hence preventing any explicit online content.

The Nest Wi-Fi router brings forth a flexible Wi-Fi system that delivers excellent coverage. A Smart speaker is featured in this Meshi Wi-Fi router that also works with google Wi-Fi assistant. You will enjoy a strong internet connection from each direction when using this router.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Features:

  • A Mesh Wi-Fi Router can cover 2200 square feet to provide reliable and high Wi-Fi coverage for your whole home.
  • This is easy to set up a router that you can use to connect every gadget you have within your network once you follow the easy setup from the Google Home app.
  • It features parental controls that restrict what your children will watch online hence giving you peace of mind as a parent.
  • You can make use of this Nest Wi-Fi router to stream videos of up to 4k without buffering, meaning no disruption will be caused.
  • An advanced security chip is attached to this home router to offer automatic updates that keep your network safe and secure.

3. Meshforce M1 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (3 Pack)

Meshforce M1 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

You will love the outstanding Mesh technology on this Wi-Fi system that enables you to have various mesh points that guarantee better network communication. This smart home Wi-Fi router does not cause disconnection; the main reason being the mesh system connects to a strong Wi-Fi signal.

This is a Dual-Band Wireless Mesh Router that provides both dual-Band Wi-Fi and seamless roaming for better frequency signal. It uses the 2.4Ghz plus 5GHz frequency bands combined in one SSID to provide excellent signal anytime, anywhere. The six mesh points incorporated in a single system makes it easy to guarantee flexible deployment.

Using this best home Wi-Fi router mesh system enables you to relax as a parent because it comes with parental control features allowing you to monitor what your children get access to online. For security purposes, the WPA2-PSK Mixed Wi-Fi security level is incorporated to curb intrusion from hackers. You can easily manage this router because it comes with remote management, the meaning distance will no longer be a limitation. 

Meshforce M1 Whole Features:

  • It is a Dual-Band Wireless Mesh Router that combines Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Seamless Roaming to allow for a fast frequency band for all your home devices. 
  • The Mesh technology of this device provides six mesh points in a single system that meets the coverage requirements.
  • An easy to manage Wi-Fi router with remote management that enables you to keep track of your entire network remotely without distance limitations.
  • The WPA2-PSK Mixed Wi-Fi encryption security level is used on this router to keep your network protected from hackers and unwanted intruders.
  • It is easy to install a router that automatically sets up the main points through the Wi-Fi system by placing the points where they are needed, thus getting rid of dead zones.

4. Securifi Almond 2015 – (3 Minute Setup) Long Range Touchscreen Wireless Router

Securifi Almond 2015 – (3 Minute Setup)

This is a Long Range Touchscreen Wireless Router plus Range Extender with Home Automation Hub that offers multi-purpose functionality. Its touchscreen three minutes is designed so that no Web browser or PC is required, making it the most reliable wireless router. The touchscreen setup works amazingly to enable any network to be up and running within three minutes. 

What makes the Almond 2015 outstanding is its ability to do away with dead zones that cause network interference. It can extend your wireless network from a specified router to provide excellent network coverage. The Almond app provided by this router works for iOS and Android to access your network remotely. The inbuilt smart home hub capabilities enable monitoring of your network using the same app. 

The Securifi Almond 2015 is among the best routers for home use that provides security alerts each time your door or window is opened or closed. If you have a large home, this is the best router to use because it provides whole Home Wi-Fi by delivering a seamless Wi-Fi network. It also allows you to receive notifications when a strange device connects to your network.

Securifi Almond 2015 Features:

  • It features a free Almond app for iOS and Android that allows you to control your network remotely. 
  • The Almond comes with inbuilt smart home hub capabilities meant to monitor and control your home network.
  • A Long-Range Touchscreen Wireless Router with a three-minute set up connects without the need for a Web browser or a PC.
  • You can use this router remotely because of its connected sensors that allow you to monitor your network from any place.
  • This router allows you to receive security alerts and notifications for security purposes when your door or window opens.

5. Linksys Velop Mesh Router (Home Mesh Wi-Fi System for Whole-Home Wi-Fi Mesh Network)

Linksys Velop Mesh RouterTo enjoy fast, flawless, and reliable Wi-Fi network coverage, you need to invest in the Linksys Velop Mesh Router. It is easy to set up and provides complete Wi-Fi strength to your entire home, making it the best Wi-Fi router for a large home. It is equipped with Intelligent Mesh technology to distribute strong Wi-Fi coverage, no matter how large the home is.

The Velop Mesh Router can fit in any environment, notwithstanding the shape or size of your home. This router can work with any modem-router or service provider making it quite flexible. You will enjoy 4k streaming with this router, ideal for gaming and watching movies. The Velop nodes are designed to work concurrently to prevent buffering or switching between networks manually.

This Mesh Router comes with automatic software updates to keep your Wi-Fi network system safe and secure from hackers. The mesh network is perfect because it has convenient security features for access, enabling you to block specific content selectively. You will be amazed by the voice control commands provided by this router that you can use to receive assistance.

Linksys Velop Features:

  • This Mesh Router features the Linksys App that you can use to monitor your home Wi-Fi network remotely with your smartphone.
  • It comes with automatic software updates that keep your Wi-Fi system safe, protected, and up-to-date. 
  • The mesh network provided by this router works to allow convenient security features that selectively block content while on the internet.
  • Velop nodes of this router are designed to work seamlessly in a mesh system to prevent buffering and manual switching among networks.
  • The Linksys Velop Mesh system is meant to ensure a robust Wi-Fi system is distributed evenly in a large home.

How Does A Smart Router Work?

Smart routers are designed to ensure that you are connected to the best internet coverage. A smart router works by scanning frequencies automatically for the best connection possible. Smart routers may not work the same because there aren’t similar. This means you have to be keen when purchasing this router to ensure you get one that suits your Wi-Fi requirements. However, most of these routers offer the same benefits, meaning, at some point, they can work concurrently. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Router For Home Automation?

Here are some of the advantages of using a router for home automation: –

Better coverage

Not having a router for home automation leads to dead spots, which can be annoying. This device allows you to have comprehensive coverage such that the signal does not get lost when you move a distance. All the gadgets in your home require stable and reliable internet, which is what this router provides. 

Improves network security

Using this router for home automation keeps your home security network taken care of such that no intruder or hacker can get access. This means your personal information will remain safe and your network protected. Build a robust home network security by getting this router that will work wonders.

Manage users

Managing users with this router are easy, for you don’t need high programming skills to carry out this task. Gone are the days when you used to go through devices with encryptions making it hard for you to get connected devices. A router for home automation gives you total control over every user on your network.

Portable design

This router is not bulky, and the best part it can fit anywhere thanks to its incredible design. The design also complements the look of your home, making it one of the stunning decors. You have the option of choosing the color, shape, and size you want to fit your home perfectly.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use any router with my Internet provider?

Absolutely! There is no limitation, but when using a modem, ensure it is ISP approved to work with their network for better performance. 

How many devices are too many for a router?

A router can connect up to 250 devices at once as long as they are internet enabled.

Will a better router increase Internet speed?

Yes, it will, that is why you have to invest in the best router to get fast, reliable internet speed.

How often should you upgrade your router?

A router should be upgraded after three to four years to ensure high performance. 

How many smart devices can a router support?

It can support up to 250 devices, all connected at once.

Final Verdict

A good router should ensure expendable coverage, and that is what the Samsung ET-WV525KWEGUS Mesh Router offers, making it the best router for home automation. It provides excellent connections enabling you to use the internet without buffering. This router improves performance and keeps off unwanted users from your network.

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