Best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet Reviews of 2021

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For a small house or apartment, a normal router can deliver a smooth service. However, when it comes to a large apartment or house, a basic router cannot cover the area and provide good speed and bandwidth at all. You need a good quality router that can cover a large area and your device gets enough speed.

Getting the best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet can be an ideal solution to this problem. It will give you a strong signal throughout all the rooms and devices and that will provide a higher speed. So stick to the end of this article to get your desired long-range router.

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Best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet Reviews of 2021 1

Linksys WHW0301 Velop Mesh Router

Best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet Reviews of 2021 2

Google WiFi system Router Replacement

Best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet Reviews of 2021 3

GRYPHON – Advance Security & Parental Control Mesh WiFi Router

Best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet Reviews of 2021 4

Linksys WRT3200ACM Dual-Band Open Source Router

Best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet Reviews of 2021 5

AmpliFi HD WiFi System by Ubiquiti Labs

5 Best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet Reviews 2021

Since the market consists of so many brands and models, finding the best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet is not a cup of tea. Especially when you are buying it for the first time without any prior knowledge. Here are some suggestions for good long-range routers for your large apartment.


1. Linksys WHW0301 Velop Mesh Router

Linksys WHW0301 Velop Mesh Router

Linksys WHW0301 Velop Mesh is one of the great long-range routers in the market. It can be the best long range wifi router for home with its intelligent mesh technology. This finds the fastest and easiest path to the internet to deliver you an ultra-fast network all the time. There will be no buffering and 4K streaming in your large apartment.

You have Velop nodes that allow you to expand the coverage. By installing each node, you can get up to 2000 square feet coverage and you will have 3 nodes with it. With its easy to set up design, you can easily install any node within 5 minutes. You will have a clean and compact design that will even increase the aesthetic look of your home or office and fit everywhere.

The Linksys App is there to make more customization and better control easier than ever. With this app, you can easily set parental controls so that you can control what your kids browse and when your kids should use the internet. Also, there is a guest network that allows you to enable someone else to use your network without giving him the password. You can even check the speed of the connection.

  • Large coverage with higher speed
  • Lets you expand the coverage as per the demand
  • Extremely easy to install with its app
  • Classical look to suit your home and office
  • Parental control along with guest user facility
  • No way to troubleshoot any problem without the app

2. Google WiFi system Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage

Google WiFi system Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage

If you are really after the best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet, you should consider the Google WiFi system. It can deliver coverage up to 1,500 square feet and you can cover up to 4,500 square feet easily with some additional units. You can get a higher speed to enjoy buffering free and 4k watching without any hassle.

The network assist technology removes the dead zone and delivers a fast network connection by finding the clearest path. You will have a simple yet effective app that allows you to set up the system quickly. Also, you can see the connected devices and set the priority of the devices as well.

It features complete parental control that lets you pause the WiFi connection on the kid’s devices. With its guest network, you can allow your guest to use the network without giving the password access. This system is compatible with all the major and popular ISPs. You will have lights in the system that allow you to check the working status without the app.

  • Offers buffering-free watching by eliminating dead zones
  • Comes with higher durability
  • Easy to install with the app
  • Large area coverage and expand option
  • Ensures kids safety by family control feature
  • Does not come with advanced features to customize

3. GRYPHON – Advance Security & Parental Control Mesh WiFi Router

GRYPHON – Advance Security & Parental Control Mesh WiFi Router

GRYPHON Mesh WiFi Router comes into the market with an advanced mesh wifi expandable system. It allows you to stream content, browse the web, and download with extra high speed. With its 6 high powered antennas, this system can easily cover up to 3000 sqft even through the walls. You can even extend the coverage with some additional units.

The 4×4 MU-MIMO ensures equal high speed in all the devices. Also, with its Antenna Beamforming, you can enjoy fast speed in every device. You will get a Gryphon app with the router. It allows you to install the router easily and have parental controls to keep your children safe from adult sites. You can even see what your kids are browsing with the browsing history.

This wide range wireless router features 24/7 protection even when you sleep by updating the security every day to prevent threats. You will have ESET Technology that detects and filters malware and prevents hackers to steal your information. Even you can block ads with its AD Blocker so that you can enjoy disturbance-free browsing and streaming all the time.

  • Large network coverage with the expanded option
  • Delivers high speed to all the devices connected to it
  • Easy to install with its simple mobile app
  • Allows you to see and control your kid’s activities
  • Higher security keeps your data safe
  • No specific device history with only recent history

4. Linksys WRT3200ACM Dual-Band Open Source Router for Home

Linksys WRT3200ACM Dual-Band Open Source Router for Home

Linksys WRT3200ACM Open Source Router comes with a wider range regardless of the wall barrier. It offers Dual-band technology that transmits two signals simultaneously and delivers a speed up to 2.6 Gbps. You have the ultra-powerful 1.8 GHz CPU that processes things fast and gives you a buffering free user experience.

The MU MIMO technology allows you to use multiple devices at the same high speed. With its Tri stream 160 technology, you get higher bandwidth to get higher speed and less lag as well. Even it allows you to get access to restricted DFS channels as well. You have better customization features as well with its open-source firmware to make it suitable for you.

This long range linksys wireless router has a versatile range of ports. You can connect eSATA and USB hard drives along with the printers and more. You will have a smart Wi-Fi app so that you can easily monitor and control the router remotely without any hassle. It even lets you control your kid’s activities on the internet to fulfill your parental duty. Setting up is easier too with this app.

  • Delivers dual signal to ensure a lag-free connection
  • Offers higher speed to all the devices simultaneously
  • Allows you to enjoy the restricted site
  • Let’s you connect other external devices with ease
  • Installing, monitoring, and controlling are easier with the app
  • Not easy to control manually

5. AmpliFi HD WiFi System by Ubiquiti Labs

AmpliFi HD WiFi System by Ubiquiti Labs

AmpliFi HD WiFi System by Ubiquiti Labs Wi-Fi router is the wireless router with the best range you can have. It comes with an AmpliFi HD WiFi system that delivers coverage of up to 10,000 sq. ft. You will have two MeshPoints to eliminate dead zones to ensure coverage and get a super-fast speed all the time. Even you have the adjustable super antennas that you can use to extend the coverage.

The easy-to-use touchscreen display lets you control the router with ease. There are 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports as well along with the WAN port for more convenience. It’s Signal strength LEDs lets you check the current condition whether the router is working properly or not. You get the app as well which lets you install the router within 5 minutes.

Besides, it allows you to customize the router too. You can have remote access with this mobile app to ensure parental controls by seeing and controlling your kid’s activities. Besides, it has easy guest access to share your networks without providing the password. You have an elegant design too that complements your home or office too.

  • Delivers a wide coverage throughout the wall with no dead zone
  • Ensures a higher speed for buffering free browsing
  • Local and remote control with its mobile app
  • Elegant design with a simple installation process
  • Offers parental control and guest access for safety
  • No Ethernet port on the mesh points

How Far Can Wifi Router Reach?

The reach and coverage of a Wi-Fi router or system depend on the router itself. Not all routers offer the same network coverage. Even if a router delivers good reach does not mean it will deliver good speed through the entire coverage too. Also, there are other considerations such as barrier walls, height, and placement of the router as well.

In general, if you can place the router at the center of your home and at a good height, a 2.4 GHz router can deliver a reach up to 150 feet at your home or office. Also, you will find routers that can provide high speed up to 10,000 square feet of wifi coverage. You can even expand the coverage with additional antennas or meshes as well.

Why Should You Buy a Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet?

Since you are going to invest in a long-range router, you need to know what benefits you can get from it. Here are some main benefits you can expect from a wireless router with more than 1000 square feet.

  • You can easily get a large and wide coverage regardless of the barrier and device distance you have.
  • A long-range wireless router allows you to connect a lot of devices with a higher speed than basic routers cannot.
  • Most long-range routers come with extenders that allow you to extend the coverage to connect even more devices over a long distance.
  • You can use free but useful software such as OpenWrt, DD-WRT, Tomato, and others with a 1000 feet long-range
  • A 1000 feet long-range router allows you to use a single router for multiple apartments or flats or sectors of office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions to ask? Then you can check the section below to find your answer.

How often should you replace your router?

I will recommend you to replace your old router as soon as it starts lagging or slowing down. However, you can expect a router to provide you quality service for up to 3-4 years if the router quality is good enough.

Will a better router increase Internet speed?

Yes, definitely a good router will enhance the internet you are getting unless it is already giving you the maximum speed you are supposed to get. A good router is designed to provide you a better speed and service than traditional routers.

Do WiFi 6 routers have better range?

Well, you cannot have a better range with a wifi 6 if you are using a single router. However, when you use multiple routers, yes, you can have a better range with it.

Do WiFi extenders work through walls?

Yes, you can expect a good wifi extender to work through the walls you have. If you are not getting the desired speed, you can try a good extender for sure.

Do you need access to the router for a WiFi extender?

Well, you do not need to access your modem to connect a wifi router for sure, however, it is needed to get access to the router to connect a wifi extender.

Wrapping It Up

If you have a large house or office and need a seamless, high-speed, large coverage connection, you need the best Long Range Wireless Router 1000 Feet. It will help you use the internet effectively and save a lot of money every month since one is enough for multiple devices and sectors. So make sure you are wise and choose the best one. We have portrayed some good long-range routers for you to assist your decision making.

If you are not yet sure which one will be best for you, I will suggest you go for the Google WiFi system. It is from the giant tech company Google and offers a long-range network with good speed. So overall, you might not find a better long-range router than this one.

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