Benefits Of Routers : 5 Things To Consider

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Are you using a router to access the internet on your smartphone, PC, or laptop to read our article? Routers are one of the finest inventions in our era of science and technology. Is it not surprising when you are using something through radio frequency that is invisible? It is mainly a networking device that shares data packets among computer networks.

The benefits of routers can’t describe in words as you are getting dozens of benefits while using it. The first benefit, routers, will help you to set up a network to connect the internet for multiple users to use the internet. Technology has become so advanced that you are now getting everything wireless, so do router as well.

Benefits Of Router

Why Are Routers Necessary?

Routers are mainly necessary because they help you to share one single network between multiple devices. Routers also give you a unique IP address, which is different from your ISP provides you. So you are using a different IP address in different devices in a single network, which gives a lot of security against hackers or criminals by hiding your IP address.

Most of the routers offer Wi-Fi, which helps you to connect devices without connecting by a physical cable. It helps you to have lots of coverage when you take your devices to another room but still accessing the internet properly. You can also share your files and printers onto a local network through routers.

Benefits Of Router

Routers give you the benefit to customize it for your own advantage. As the internet has become an inseparable part of our lives, we are receiving the internet’s benefits through routers. Some benefits of the router are given below.

Communicate Across Networks: An essential benefit of routers is that they will help your computers to communicate with devices in other networks. They are flexible enough to prevent traffic signals and share data in the most efficient way possible.

Freedom to customize: Routersgives you many options to customize your network based on your preference and needs. It also gives you full control to protect your network from hacking attempts and other security threats.

Protocols: Routers mainly work with routable protocols, which gives you a unique address for using and sharing data with other networks. They also hide your main internet IP address that you are using in all your devices within a single local network.

Security: Router gives you a lot of safety as you have to first login through the password to access the network. It also intercepts the third party to use your network because of the encrypted traffic network. So third parties are not allowed to access your information unless you permit to access.

Longer and Better Range: Routers provide you a longer and better range in your single local network. So you can access the internet from one room to another room without worrying about any weak signal or low coverage. Better coverage enables you to work from a limited distant place. 

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How To Choose A Router

Choosing an anonymous router may seem easy. But choosing a router that can give all the things you need may not be so simple. Let’s have a look at some essential features that matter the most before buying a better router.

Speed: The first thing you should pay attention to buying a router is the router’s speed and specs so that it can help you with heavy online gaming and 4K video streaming simultaneously.

Single or Dual-Band: Single-band router mainly works a single frequency, 2.4 GHz, or 5 GHz frequency. But dual-band router works both frequencies. Dual-band has better performance and doesn’t suffer from interferences to provide you efficient services.

Range: Though the strength of a Wi-Fi signal is the same in the entire home, the range varies based on the size of your house as well as the wall composition of your room. If your house size is more than 2,000 sq, then choose those routers that can give more coverage unless you plan to buy a Wi-Fi extender.

Security: As we are living in a digital world, to avoid the cyber issue, make sure to buy a router that has a strong firewall, WPA wireless encryption, and guest access possibilities. It will help you to prevent hackers or criminals, giving a tough time to browse your data.

Design & Price: Make sure to choose a router with a better design so that you can position them in a proper place to have a better range and coverage. The router’s price also needs to be considered because there are many inferior quality routers available in the markets at a lower price. To have a long-lasting and premium quality router, you need to invest some money to receive better service.

Note: We’ve briefly discussed how to choose a router in the above section. But if you know more about it, you can step into our detailed guide on how to choose a router.

Frequently Asked Question

Well, as you’re stepping into this section, you’re eager to discover some critical answers that you need to know before buying a router. So, keep reading.

How many years does a router last?

A router can last three to four years or more based on your using techniques and carefulness. If you use a router in offices or other places where many people continuously use it, then you may need to change it when you notice downward performance or lower internet speed. Most importantly, only buy a new router when the latest version can give you more new functions, speed up technology, more extended range, and high security/encryption.

Does a good router make a difference?

A good router can provide a minimum speed of 100mbps and up to 100Gbps speed. It can improve the connection from your ISP’s modem connection to your device to have better speed and more coverage. It has a strong firewall and WPA wireless encryption features to protect your data against hackers and criminals. A good router is adequate to saturate the nominal link speed from your ISP and satisfy its enormous services.

Does using a router increase Internet speed?

No, a router doesn’t increase internet speed. Your internet speed may increase if you change an old Wi-Fi router, which already lasted for more than four to five years. A Wi-Fi is a router slower than wired router because the wired router has more capacity, which is up to 100 Gbps to give your connected device more speed.

Will 2 routers make Internet faster?

2 routers can only make a difference unless your internet speed through your ISP is over 150 Mbps. 2 routers mainly allow to transfer data faster between computers on your local network and get a better distance of your Wi-Fi signal (better coverage) out of the second router if you would use it strictly as WAP. So if you already have a better router for getting adequate Wi-Fi range, it doesn’t matter how many routers you add.


The benefits of using routers are so much that it will take days to count them. In these modern eras of life, we are blessed with amazing technology that gives us multiple benefits.

To have maximum benefit from a router, we need to study a little bit to know which types of routers can give us better performance with better speed. A router connects multiple devices together in our offices or homes to communicate and share data among us. Hopefully, we have tried our best to help you know the router benefits and things you should consider before buying a good router.

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