Are Asus Routers Good?

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Every internet surfer uses a smartphone to go online at some point, and most of them do this using wifi connection. Using a router for wifi can be easy, but choosing one in the first place can be a daunting job because your online security depends on it. Well, if you’re not a tech-savvy person with good knowledge about what makes a router great, depending on a reliable brand is the best way to go with. 

When it comes to naming the best router brand, Asus will come in the first row with some of the best routers. However, you must know how are Asus routers good to ensure the router can fit the specific needs you have. Stick to the article if you’re planning to get your first router and don’t know how to pick the market’s best router. 

Are Asus Routers Good?

Almost every person in today’s world needs a good network connection to stay connected to friends and family. Optical fiber connection is the best way to get the best speed and reliability to connect to the internet. However, you need an internet router to get your smartphone or any other Wifi-enabled device online. 


The reliability of a router depends on so many considerations like security, band, speed, maximum connectivity, etc. Asus makes some of the best wifi routers in the world that have the best of every considerable feature that make a router dependable. Asus routers are so dependable that if you’re not aware of routers’ different features, you should get an Asus router. It’s worth the money you spend on the machine and get the most secure and stable connection you need. 

How to Choose The Best ASUS Router?

Let’s face it, choosing the best router isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if you don’t know what makes it dependable. As I said earlier, Asus is the best brand for those who aren’t tech-savvy yet need the best router. Here are the things you can look for to know how are Asus routers good and how to choose the one that fits your needs: 

Decide what’s your purpose

The first thing you consider before buying a router is its purpose of serving you. You won’t need the same router for casual internet surfing that is created for gaming. A gaming router will offer you more bandwidth, less ping, and a better QoS onboard. However, gaming routers also cost more than the regular routers, along with the better features to impress you. If you’re getting it for your office with many employees, don’t forget to consider a higher connection capability. 

Dual-band or a single band 

You’ll get differences in a band with different routers; only a good router with higher capability will come with dual-band technology. A dual-band router can work with both 2.4 GHz frequency and 5 GHz frequency bands with two radios. You can set up two different networks with these routers to increase speed within a crowded area to accommodate more users. However, there are Tri-band routers available, but it’s highly rare to find, and very few people have use of it. 

Don’t forget the coverage

You must consider the router’s coverage capability, especially if you’re going to use it in a big house. The best way to define if the router will serve well or not is to get to the router’s specifications for the coverage. First, check how much space the router can cover with wifi, and see if that matches the SQ feet area your home has. 

Onboard Wifi security 

The wifi security of the router is the most important thing you must not overlook while buying one. The more secure a system your router will have, the more secure you’ll be while browsing online. If you login to your bank account, online IDs, and access your storage using the internet, it’s important to get the best security to keep out of the sight of sneakers. 

App management 

Check if the router you’re getting has an app management system to use the router more conveniently. If the router comes with an app management system, you can control what goes through the router. You can monitor how many devices connect to it, who’s consuming the most bandwidth, limit or eliminate a user, and so on. You can control everything remotely wherever you are using your smartphone.

Lan ports

If you have multiple computers to connect to the router via ethernet connectivity, the number of Lan ports is essential. Asus wifi routers come with anywhere between 4 Lan ports to 8 Lan ports depending on different models. Decide how much you need and search for the right model with that many ports to have your back.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Asus routers that you might find interesting: 

Are Asus Routers Secure?

You can consider the Asus routers the most secure routers available in the market. However, you must set it up with the best security settings, including WPA2-AES and a secure password. 

Is The Asus Router Better Than Netgear?

Both the Asus routers and the Netgear routers come with the latest wifi chips and good support. However, gamers around the world tend to go for Asus gaming routers often. 

How Many Devices Can Connect To An ASUS Router?

Theoretically, an Asus router should support up to 255 devices connected to it at the same time. However, experts suggest you can add 25, up to 50 devices at the same time to a router. 

Can I Login To My Asus Router Remotely?

Yes, you can log in to your Asus router remotely using the router login URL of Asus. You will enter the IP address of your router and insert the login credentials to log in. 

Final Thought

In this digital world, our connection to others depends on how good a network system we have in your homes. No matter if you’re a student or a gamer, a network connection is like a basic need these days. The first thing good network connection refers to is a good wireless router, capable of good wifi signal and security. 

Asus is the best router manufacturer globally, and you might wonder why are Asus routers good? Every feature I mentioned here is available in Asus routers. The parental control feature will come in handy If you have kids, the USB connectivity will help you big time. 

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